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Du-bro-v-nik, Dub-rov-nik, hm, Ly-jub-li-an-a, Ju-bli-a-na. Urgh.....Zebra, no, Zegrab, na, Zagreb.
I went to these places that I hadn't even heard of in my entire life, had no idea where they are, didn't know what language they speak, didn't know what currency they use, didn't know what to expect. I just googled East Europe and loads of amazing pictures showed up and I thought...rather than going to Switzerland and seriously harm my wallet, I should go East. And my decision was so right.

Croatia and Slovenia, countries you seldom heard of rather than their soccer teams (which I hadn't heard of actually, Queen of Gambling told me), they are actually amazing. Amazing landscape, architecture, history, and amazingly emotionless people. Yeh people are so emotionless it was actually amazing. (when you ask for direction, they reply: GO STRAIGHT, UP AND TURN LEFT without even moving their eyeballs, they act like as if I just killed his dog or something, hospitality is not a big thing here I guess)....anyway...

I went to Croatia all because of this view,


saw it, loved it and decided to go. After my decision, I actually found out one of my friends and one of my coworkers also planned to go, it wasn't that unpopular after all. It was a nice change from Italy, everywhere is clean, loads of banks, everyone speaks English, everything just worked...But, there is always a BUT, I lost my passport first day I arrived Dubrovnik, CLASSIC! These things never happen to me usually, I am always alert, and almost never lose my stuff, a hair band or a pen may be, but a passport! Something must be wrong, perhaps I used up all my beginner's luck in the first week. I was so grumpy and almost decided to give up (after bed bugs and stuff) and TeamGB insisted to help me go back and find the cab. And within 30 mins, my baby returned to mama. SO LUCKY the cab was back at the place I got in and because it was a gold Mercedes cab, it was not difficult to spot. Yeh so, this is what I meant by daily challenge. I bet every traveller must encounter some of these incidents, just that mine was so concentrated in ONE trip. Bad luck is OVER!!!!!ROAR!!!!!

This unfortunate episode didn't really ruin my mood, because Dubrovnik is unbeatable.


I was so happy by just staring at the endless ocean, counting the fluffy clouds, swimming in the crystal clear water of the Adriatic Sea, looking at the sunset...there is really no words to describe what I felt when I saw the ocean. Now I figured how nature could affect people's well-being, and I believe I become a better person just by standing near the sea. :) perhaps I am happier now, or more generous, or less judgemental..... Well I just hope it works this way.

Ljubljana is another feel. I knew absolutely nothing about this place and it turned out to be a very nice surprise. There was nothing really major to see, but the small capital is tranquil and charming. And at night it is like Disneyland. I'm so glad I went there... Just left today, after staying two peaceful nights....just still not 100% sure how to pronounce the name, ha!

First impression of East Europe is awesome, looking forward to Budapest and Prague.

Will be around Vienna these two days (yeh, not East Europe, I know), laters! xx

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